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Frequently Asked Questions

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. TESOL stands for
“Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”. A TEFL or TESOL
certificate qualifies teachers to teach English to students in counties where
English is not the first language.

A TEFL / TESOL certificate is a requirement for most international teaching jobs abroad. Even in cases where a TEFL / TESOL certificate is not a requirement, it will be noticed by international employers.

Yes. A TEFL/ TESOL certificate prepares teachers to adapt their teaching
across different subjects, not just English, for instruction to English Language

No. Our TEFL/ TESOL certification is a lifetime certificate which doesn’t

Yes. Our courses are all done online.

Yes. All our courses can be used internationally when applying for an English
teaching position as a TEFL/ TESOL teacher. Unless a country specifically
requires you to have a degree or teaching license, a TEFL Society certified
certificate can be used.

Assessments consist of written assignments and tests at the end of every module, as well as a final test at the end of the course

You will receive your certificate electronically within approximately three
business days after completing your course. Your physical certificate will be
sent within seven working days and your tracking number will be emailed to
you. Your physical certificate will arrive according to standard mailing times.

No. The word online will not appear on any of our certificates.

Yes. The TEFL Society is registered in South Africa and The United States of
America, and our certificates can be authenticated in these, and other

We are registered in South Africa and the United States of America.

Yes. Our certificates include a golden seal with 3D print that ensures our
certificates can’t be forged. The certificate also includes the name and
student number of the student, as well as The TEFL Society addresses in
South Africa and The United States, for authentication purposes. A student’s
enrolment status and performance can also be verified online on our

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